Thursday, March 10, 2011

Basement Step 1 - Utility Sink Area

Here's a refresher on the area I'm talking about here:

While certainly not the prettiest space in the basement, it certainly is one of the most often used spaces - I'm always filling up buckets, rinsing paint brushes, and doing all sorts of things over this area.  Here's a close up of the old kitchen cabinet that sits next to the sink (after I took the door off), a remnant from the previous home owners:

I figured that by replacing the counter top, giving it a coat of paint, and adding some hardware, that I would have not only a functional storage solution for cleaning supplies, but also a pretty one!  I think I was right - check out the "after" shot:

I laid a couple of spare ceramic tiles across the top for now to serve as a counter top - I may come up with a more permanent solution down the line, but it works for now. 

I then attached a cut of fabric (with velcro) around the bottom of the utility sink to skirt it, added a rug, and created some cheap "artwork" with a discarded window screen and some old license plates we had hanging around (I attached the license plates to the screen with paper clips through the screen).  I also created a paper towel holder out of a curtain rod which I attached to the window screen with wire.  After adding a few more decorative accessories, and a plug in cheapo hanging light from Ikea, I had a revived utility area that makes me smile whenever I head downstairs into the basement (sorry for the less than desirable pics - license plates weren't meant to be photographed!):

I'm currently now working on the workout area of the basement - photos to follow soon!


  1. LOVE what you did to the cabinet! So cute!

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