Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our House: Before and After

For those of you who enjoy a good Before and After pic - check this out:

This was our house circa 1999 - when the previous owners purchased it.  They poured their blood, sweat and (I'm guessing) tears in to the place, to make it look like what it did when we purchased it in 2008:

Isn't that crazy?  They basically took the roof of the main house up 2 stories - we have 9 foot ceilings in all of our second story rooms, and there's also a full-height attic above (that's the row of windows at the very top of the house).  They added the porch, changed up the main downstairs windows and door on the main level, and that's only what I can tell from the outside!  I wish I had "before" pics of the inside!  It just goes to show you that a little vision goes a long way - I can guarantee you that, had Robb and I seen the above picture when we were house hunting, we wouldn't have given the house a second thought.  Here's to the former owners for doing all the hard work for us :-)

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