Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Craigslist Find #3 - White Chairs

In searching for accent chairs for our living room, I stumbled across a pair of white chairs - here's one pictured below:

At 2 for $45, I considered them a steal!  I hadn't initially planned on adding chairs to our dining "nook" in our addition, but I figured it would be good to have the option to seat more than 2 people at the dining table in that room (especially once Heidi starts eating dinner with us - she will need  a place to sit, as I'm planning on transitioning her from her high chair into her travel booster seat soon for space reasons). 

While in the process of purchasing the chairs, the former owner informed me that these chairs were initially put into use/repurposed for an episode of "Trading Spaces" on TLC featuring a Capitol hill row home- how cool is that?!?  Here's how my "famous" chairs look at our dining table:

Even though the chair fabric doesn't exactly match the patterned fabric in the room currently, the colors in the fabric do complement the overall color scheme (greys, yellows, blue/greens), so I think I'm going to leave it as-is for now.  I may reupholster them later on if I find a fabric that I really love, but it's definitely not a priority for now - I'm in the process of painting one of my lamps that I mention in this post - prepare for the big reveal tomorrow!

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