Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Craigslist Find #2 - Heidi's new bookshelf

I've been searching for the "perfect" bookshelf for Heidi's room, now that she's getting more interested in reading books. Previously, I had most of her books in a big basket on top of the square cube ottoman that we use as a side table in her room.  While it was ok in terms of accessibility, it wasn't very organized, and it was difficult to dig around in the basket to find new books to read - so we usually just cycled through the same few standbys.  Since her room is so small, there were few options in terms of bookshelf placement.  I considered purchasing cube-type storage bookcases from Ikea and placing them at one end of her crib, but I have the feeling that a few months down the road she would probably just use them as a ladder to climb out of her crib.  So that left one small corner between her bedroom and closet door. 

I stumbled upon this $20 item during one late-night Craigslist session:

I loved the shape of it, and I thought the style would work well in her room.  The only problem was that the bottom shelf was a little bit too large for the corner - I couldn't fully open either the closet or the bedroom door.  So, I figured that all I needed to do was to cut down the bottom shelf in size to match the shelf size above it.  I borrowed a jigsaw from my neighbor, marked with pencil the area I wanted to cut off,

and went to town.  It didn't turn out perfectly - the saw kind of got away from me at one point, but after a little sandpaper and paint (and once I reattached the legs to the bottom with a drill and some wood glue),                                                   

I don't think it looks half bad - Heidi seems to like it too -

Now I'm off to read The Hungry Little Caterpillar for the hundredth time......:-)

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  1. You'd mentioned a while back that Heidi's room was green but I had no idea it was so bright and adorable! And with that pink stripe... LOVE it!

    And that chair in the bottom picture? Gorgeous.

    Don't be surprised if you hear me knocking on the door soon to tour the rest of your house... I'm drooling!