Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bathroom decor courtesy of Goodwill.....and Michael's

A Goodwill retail store just opened up at the end of our street, in a location that apparently used to be a Chili's restaurant.  I had been dying for a cool new restaurant to move in, but no - we got a Goodwill - right across the street from the used car lot - yay.

At first I was determined to boycott the store in a (passive) effort to protest, but then I decided to make the most of it.  After watching a few too many episodes of Nate Berkus, I began to think that all of life's treasures could be found in thrift stores - at least on the home decor front.  So, with Heidi in tow (here's a tip - crowded thrift stores and jogging strollers DO NOT mix well), I perused the local Goodwill for hidden treasures.

My first visit yielded a white planter/pot for a cool 94 cents that looks similar (but slightly smaller) than this one for sale at Target:

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it at the time, but at that price I couldn't resist!  Then, I was at Michael's a couple of days later, when I stumbled across adorable mini green apple wire "bouquets" - the apples looked sort of like these,
but each was attached to a wire "stem".  Well, a quick trip down the styrofoam ball aisle to pick up one of these,

and I was in business!

I attached the styrofoam ball to the planter with some dry-clear craft glue, and then cut each apple stem down to a couple of inches and stuck them all around the ball so that no styrofoam was left showing, and here's what I ended up with:

I was pretty pleased with the result, and I think it looks right at home in Heidi's bathroom, with the white/apple green/blue/black color scheme going on in there now (I will save the story behind the bathroom color scheme for another day....):

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