Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another Junk Drawer Makeover....

So maybe I'm carving my niche in the virtual world with yet another Junk Drawer Makeover post (see the original post here), but here it is.  My dear sister Kelly let me tackle her troublesome kitchen junk drawer - all while we were watching an episode of Modern Family ( I LOVE that show!).  Here's her drawer before:

And here I am in the process of reorganizing the drawer (these pics are courtesy of my brother-in-law, Sean):

And here's the AFTER shot:

Here's a few tips that I found helpful when organizing this drawer:

1) Ziploc bags are your friend!  For drawers with a lot of cables/phone chargers/headphones, a good way to keep them untangled and in easy reach is to put each unique item in its own bag, and label the bag's contents with a permanent marker.  You can see from the above picture that Kelly's cables and cords are all located in the upper left section of her drawer, using the methodology I've just described.
2) Don't waste money on fancy drawer organizers when you have plastic food storage containers - here's a use for those food storage containers for which you can no longer find the top - use them in a junk drawer to keep like items with like items.  In the photo above, I've used plastic containers to group pens and pencils, markers, notepads, and miscellaneous hardware/tools.
3) Apparently, as evidenced by this pic, in Kelly's case, you can never have too much electrical tape!

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